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The Lady Warriors
Girls Lacrosse Program

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the country.  The Dunkirk Warriors Girls Lacrosse program is dedicated to
teaching the game of lacrosse to girls from kindergarten through eighth grade and promoting teamwork and sportsmanship to
all involved.  We promise that you will have lots of fun while also learning the techniques and strategies that make lacrosse
such an exhilarating sport!

We participate in the Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks Lacrosse league which is comprised of teams from the “hot-bed”
of lacrosse in Maryland.  The league is highly competitive and well organized.

Girls Lacrosse is significantly different than Boys Lacrosse, with the primary difference being the lack of body checking.  In fact, contact is not allowed except for very specific cases so this explains why the girls do not suit up in pads and helmets, except for the goaltender.

All Dunkirk Warriors Lacrosse programs are open to players of any skill level, including beginners.

If there are questions, please e-mail:  shawnrsalta@gmail.com

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Age Requirements Programs Personal Gear Player Registration FAQs

First day of practice begins March 1st.
Games for the Pee Wee, Middie, and Junior teams begin the first week in April.
Sticklettes will begin their games in late April.
The teams participate in various pre-season and post-season tournaments.
Our Sticklette Teams scrimmage each other during the season at one of Northern High School
Varsity Girls Lacrosse games during the half time.

All girls require the following personal equipment:

  • Women’s LAX regulation lacrosse stick.  Very expensive sticks are designed for powerful, experienced players.  If your daughter is K-8, it is not necessary to buy a top-of-the-line stick.  By the time they grow into the capability of that stick, there will be better technology out there!  A stick in the range of $50 is sufficient for the beginner to intermediate player.
  • US LACROSSE approved protective Goggles
  • Colored mouth guard (no white or clear allowed)
  • No jewelry


The following programs divide players and teams evenly. All players in uniform shall play a minimum of 50% of each game. Exceptions made when squad is so large to make this mathematically impossible or in cases of injury or disciplinary action.

STICKLETTES:  Grades K - 2
The Sticklettes program is focused on fun and instruction. Teams play a 6 vs. 6 format on a half sized field with no goalie and no checking.

Pass rule applies. Games are officiated by coaches.

All PEE WEE, MIDDIE, and JUNIOR games are refereed by league officials:
PEE WEE: Grades 3 - 4
The Pee Wee program continues to emphasize basic skills and instruction while introducing some basic plays.

Teams play an 8 vs. 8 format on a half sized field with a goalie; no checking. Minimum pass rule applies. 

MIDDIE: Grades 5 – 6
The Middie program continues to emphasize fundamentals and introduces more plays and strategy.
The Middie program includes an end of season single elimination playoff for top seaded teams.
JUNIOR: Grades 7 - 8
The Junior program introduces more advanced techniques are introduced while continuing to work on skills, key plays and strategies.
The JUNIOR program includes an end of season single elimination playoff for top seaded teams.
Link to 2019 Anne Arundel County P&R/GLAAC Official Girls Lacrosse rules:

Are you new to the rules of lacrosse?  US Lacrosse has published a very helpful guide that should clear things up for you:

2019 Sport Fees and Related Expenses -
Sticklettes: $60.00
Pee Wee: $125.00
Middie: $125.00
Junior: $125.00

(late fee of $25 applies to Pee Wee, Middie, and Junior levels starting February 21st; and Sticklettes starting March 14th)


The levels may fill completely before the end of the registration period, and therefore close early.  So don't miss out, register now!

Uniform (all levels):

Game Jersey: $45.00 (new)

Game Short: $35.00
Optional is a practice penny: $15.00

2019 Season Coaches - TBD


Pee Wee :





  • Players cannot play down, but they can play up.

  • Sticklettes can choose to play up if they are in 2nd grade

  • Players can only play on one team

  • Players playing on High School scholastic lacrosse team at any level cannot play in County Leagues


Where can I buy my equipment?

  • Lax unlimited(Annapolis)
  • Olympia Sports (Dunkirk)
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Modell's
  • Sports Authority

What days do we practice?

  • Pee Wee, Middie & Junior Teams generally practice two-three days a week.
  • Sticklettes practice once or twice a week.
  • Coaches will determine what days you will practice.

When do practices begin?

  • For Pee Wee, Middie, and Junior teams practices will start the first week of March.
  • For Sticklettes, practices start the middle/late of March.

When do games begin?

  • For Pee Wee, Middie, and Junior teams, games start the last week of March or the first week of April.
  • The county typically posts game schedules the week prior to games beginning.
  • For Sticklette teams, games start the end of April or early May.

 If you have questions, please e-mail us at:  shawnrsalta@gmail.com